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FDOJ (Cavitation) Remediation

FDOJ (fatty degenerative osteonecrosis and osteolysis of the jawbone), formerly NICO (neuralgia inducing cavitational osteonecrosis) or IO (ischemic osteonecrosis), describes conditions where hollow spaces in the jawbone are hosting dead tissues. These pockets act as a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria because of their anaerobic conditions. The toxins these bacteria release have been linked to chronic health conditions.

FDOJ most commonly occurs when teeth have been removed and the bone has not healed properly. For example wisdom teeth removal may produce FDOJ because the common circumstances for this procedure are not ideal. Wisdom teeth are often removed all at once, with an emphasis on speed, and usually between the ages of 12 and 20.

Unfortunately, young people suffer from general mineral deficiency due to growth spurts at that age, and typically exascerbate the issue with unhealthy eating habits. In addition, antibodics and traumatic surgical practices typically hinder the immune system and prevent the parasympathetic healing state necessary for bone healing.

At BioDentist, we can safely and effectively remove dead bone and decay of cavitations. Our biological imperative is to eliminate toxins and infections, and we help replace them with healthy tissues and/or biocompatible materials.

Dr. John was so thoughtful in answering my dozens of questions and making me feel comfortable.


The level of skills and integration of treatments at BioDentist is quite unusual and remarkably refined.


To state the obvious: Dr. Augspurger is an excellent dentist with outstanding convictions and one-of-a-kind treatments.


The experience reminds me of being with family and close friends. You feel good emotionally and physically after your visit.


The dental hygienist was amazing and super informative. I would rate it as the BEST hygiene appointment I have experienced!!


We learned more on this dental visit than on any other dental experience prior. Dr. John went above and beyond, answering questions with a wealth of knowledge.


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