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Dental Services Designed with the Rest of Your Life in Mind

Explore our wide range of biological dental services proven to help you naturally achieve health, happiness and whole-body vitality.

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At BioDentist, our services are carefully curated to provide you with a full spectrum, fully holistic approach to oral health. We always consider how every individual treatment impacts the greater whole that is you, whether it’s a regularly scheduled cleaning or a full-mouth restoration. Every new patient begins with a full health evaluation, including an in-depth oral health exam, bite evaluation, and a review of all available medical records to determine oral and systemic health. And our range of treatment options extends far beyond your mouth to naturally and holistically support your entire body’s inherent design of homeostatic vitality.

“The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.”

– Paracelsus

Our Biological Dentistry Services

Dental Ozone Therapy

Exhale the outdated need for antibiotics and medication, breathe in the life-giving power of ozone.

Learn more about Dental Ozone Therapy »

Root Canal Remediation

Root canals can be a primary source of infection, oral complications and chronic disease.

Learn more about Root Canal Remediation »

Mercury Amalgam Removal

Remove the toxic mercury leaking in your mouth and the rest of your body, embrace the vitality in life.

Learn more about Mercury Amalgam Removal »

Dental Implants

Don’t bridge the gap or struggle with dentures, replace that tooth and start living life to the fullest.

Learn more about Dental Implants »

FDOJ (Cavitation) Remediation

Infections in the jawbone can be significant contributors to disease.

Learn more about FDOJ Remediation »

Functional Aesthetics

BioDentist offers the perfect balance of integrity, efficiency and beauty.

Learn more about Functional Aesthetic Dentistry »

Dr. John was so thoughtful in answering my dozens of questions and making me feel comfortable.


The level of skills and integration of treatments at BioDentist is quite unusual and remarkably refined.


To state the obvious: Dr. Augspurger is an excellent dentist with outstanding convictions and one-of-a-kind treatments.


The experience reminds me of being with family and close friends. You feel good emotionally and physically after your visit.


The dental hygienist was amazing and super informative. I would rate it as the BEST hygiene appointment I have experienced!!


We learned more on this dental visit than on any other dental experience prior. Dr. John went above and beyond, answering questions with a wealth of knowledge.