The BioDentist Way Guides our Journey to Vitality

More than just a treatment plan, technique or technology, the BioDentist Way is our underlying philosophy that is the primary driver for every decision we make.

Our holistic, biological dentist practice is designed to support your body’s natural and innate power to heal itself. We are committed to providing you with the most up-to-date biological dental expertise, technology and techniques, highly trained professionals and state-of-the-art equipment available. Our individualized treatment plans are structured to support you for the lifetime of your teeth, helping you build a stronger relationship between your mouth and your overall health, and discover wellbeing with the world around you. Our highest purpose is to help you attain homeostatic vitality, a state of inner balance, wellness and stability auto-maintained by a healthy human biology. And it all starts with your healthy teeth.

“Terrain is everything, the microbe is nothing.”

– Antoine Bechamp

Our Philosophy

Mouth-Body Connection

The foundational principal of our fully biological, holistic dentistry practice is that everything in your mouth is connected to everything else in your body as an intricate, coordinated system. Medical history, diet, exercise regimen, sleep patterns, stress levels—all of these factors have a direct impact on your overall wellness and provide valuable insights into what’s happening in your mouth. In turn, your oral health helps us understand what’s happening in the rest of your body. Mouth and body as one, health and vitality for all.

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Undoing the Harm

BioDentist experts often start by undoing procedures performed elsewhere due to the toxic effects that mercury, root canals, poisonous metals, and fluoride have on your body. Our purpose is not to just fill cavities or treat symptoms; our highly trained team of the best and brightest in biological dentistry go straight to the underlying cause. In addition to world-class dental care, we integrate other holistic techniques, energetic therapies, remedies, supplements, and guided nutrition to holistically support your body’s inherent design of vitality.

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Whole Mouth Approach

At BioDentist, we understand that to effectively treat any single part of your mouth, every other part of your mouth must actively be a part of the conversation; but it doesn’t stop there. Every system in your body, all aspects of life including spirituality, emotions, relationships—it all comes together to define your holistic state of wellness and your inherent ability to defend against infection, dysfunction and chronic disease. We do more than just help you experience oral vitality, we’re here to positively impact every aspect of your life.

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Meet the Biodentist Team

Dr. John Augspurger


Founder & President

Dr. Corbin Popp


Doctor of Dental Medicine

The Clinical Team

Mary Edwards

Hygienist/Craniosacrial Therapist

Monique Watson

Clinical Coordinator/EDDA

Caroll Hale

Treatment Coordinator/Assistant

Skyler Witt

Expanded Duty Dental Assistant (EDDA)

Nicole Vannavong

Sterilization Tech/Assistant

The Administrative Team

Allyson Baker

MA, HHP - Executive Director

Heather Storer

CFO & Operations Manager

Brian Sholette

New Patient Coordinator

Susan Klein

Integrative Services Coordinator

Kim Goehring

Scheduling/Front Desk/Concierge

Dr. John was so thoughtful in answering my dozens of questions and making me feel comfortable.


The level of skills and integration of treatments at BioDentist is quite unusual and remarkably refined.


To state the obvious: Dr. Augspurger is an excellent dentist with outstanding convictions and one-of-a-kind treatments.


The experience reminds me of being with family and close friends. You feel good emotionally and physically after your visit.


The dental hygienist was amazing and super informative. I would rate it as the BEST hygiene appointment I have experienced!!


We learned more on this dental visit than on any other dental experience prior. Dr. John went above and beyond, answering questions with a wealth of knowledge.